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Knowing the law and the rules and regulations that govern conduct within the securities industry is critical to presenting a good arbitration offense or defense.  Knowledge of the substantive law that applies in an arbitration is as important to success as knowing the “ropes” of arbitration.  Our focus in our flagship publication, the Securities Arbitration Commentator, has been in the latter sphere – arbitration tactics and procedure.  Since August 2000, our focus in SAC's Online Litigation Alert (SOLA) has dwelt on the case law of broker-dealer disputes.


Increasingly, arbitration panels are tasked by the courts to follow the law and, increasingly, broker-dealer disputes are being fought in both the judicial and the arbitral forums.  Staying abreast of the substantive law is difficult for the busy practitioner, but it is a key ingredient of success. SAC's Online Litigation Alert (SOLA) summarizes court decisions around the country dealing with broker-dealer disputes and saves you time and money.


Web-Based – There is nothing to install, download, maintain or update.  You will receive email notification each week (totaling 48 annually).  The landing page lists case names, courts and nature of decisions, and links to the Weekly Alert.  The Alert includes synopses written by members of Contributing Editors, and links to the court decisions themselves in PDF format.


Assured – To assure comprehensive coverage, we use a professional court-watch service to assist our own efforts in scouring the Internet and elsewhere for the latest decisions.  To assure quality summaries, we offer the unique benefit of summaries written by experienced securities lawyers.  The publication’s Contributing Editors (scroll down for roster) catch the nub of each decision and often elaborate with informed commentary.


Simple – Keep it simple!  We aim to distill each decision into a format that is easy-to-read, provides for quick scanning and is packaged for follow-up research.  You get what you need – nobody charges less and delivers more!


Timely – Timely means time-currency and time-savings!  Forty-eight weeks a year, we bring directly to your desktop summaries of the latest court decisions in your field, professionally edited, with headnotes for easy scanning, quick subject filing, and later research. 


Add to that the efficiency of surveying the decisional landscape each week in about thirty minutes and you have a formula that works for you and can’t be beat – not by price and not by quality!

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Board of Editors:

Richard P. Ryder



Jack D. Ballard
Ballard and Littlefield LLP
Houston, TX


Paul J. Dubow
San Francisco,CA


Jill I. Gross
Elisabeth Haub School of Law
Pace University
White Plains, NY


Christopher G. Lazarini
Bass Berry & Sims PLC
Nashville, TN


Jeremy A. Root
Stinson Leonard Street LLP
Jefferson City, MO


Ben Suter
Keesal Young & Logan
San Francisco, CA



David C. Franceski, Jr
Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
Philadelphia, PA


James L. Komie
Howard & Howard
Chicago, IL


Noah D. Sorkin
Capital Forensics, Inc.
New York, NY


Burton W. Wiand
Wiand Guerra King P.L.
Tampa, FL






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