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SAC Database Searches find just the information you're looking for. Our Search Report, created for you by our expert staff, is easy to read for quick results. And we deliver fast: Our comprehensive Search Report is generally completed within one business day of order.

Our product selection includes:
Arbitrator Searches  
Critical data on your arbitrators' past awards from all forums, summarized and formatted for rapid review. A must for selecting the best "judge and jury" for your case.

Broker-Dealer Searches  
Illuminates the most pertinent information on your broker-dealer's past awards; a great management tool for litigation heads, general counsel, or compliance professionals.

Docket & Short Caption Searches  
A Search for a particular award, via docket or short caption.

People Searches  
A Search of the key players in your dispute by name in any or all Name fields (party, professional, arbitrator, etc.). Includes Arbitrator Searches and Broker-Dealer Searches, named above.

Substantive Searches  
A Search by key word, legal issue, damages requested/awarded, product, or any information field(s) or a combination thereof. Searches can be customized, specifically tailored to your needs.

Arbitrator Searches

The arbitrator is the party's judge and jury. Arbitration attorneys and experts rely on SAC's Arbitrator Searches to help in selecting the best arbitrators for their disputes.

With our Arbitrator Searches, and all SAC Database Searches, you get past award information from all major forums - for the most data available. But while you get more data, you also save time: Our Arbitrator Summary Reports (ASRs) are designed to help you "scope out" an arbitrator quickly, and select for copying only those awards that are truly necessary to review in full text. With our typical one-day turnaround time, SAC helps you stay on top of the fast-paced arbitrator selection process.

Your arbitrator is also an attorney? Your best option: our Arbitrator/Professional Search.

See How Our Products Help Win Cases for practical uses of SAC products and services.

Arbitrator Summary Reports - Costs

Broker-Dealer Searches

The BD (Broker-Dealer) Name field lists every brokerage firm named in an award, regardless of dispute outcome. We also maintain a uniform name or designation for brokerage firms as they merge into other entities or change their names. In this way, SAC is able to provide an award history for a particular firm, which will date back to 1989 when awards first started becoming publicly available.

Those with claims against a particular broker-dealer are often looking for information about their adversary that will be relevant to either liability or recovery. Settled disputes are not reflected among the awards SAC will locate, but one can judge settlement practices of a firm from a review of the awards and other publicly available information. The names of counsel are also provided on the awards, so contact with other professionals who have arbitrated disputes with the firm can be illuminating. Payment practices, collection problems, tactics of opposing counsel, and other helpful information can be learned from such investigation.

Our Broker-Dealer Searches have also been used by regulators and internal auditors to do pre-examination checks; by insurance underwriters to assess liability risks; by strategic planners to assist in business expansion decision; and by compliance officers, the media, and many others who seek to gather intelligence on where they should focus limited resources. SAC has also utilized the Broker-Dealer Search in performing surveys for the Commentator and a number of financial magazines and newspapers.

Firm Searches can be limited by a number of parameters to focus even more sharply on an issue. For instance, Date fields can limit the time period under review; Situs and State fields set geographical limitations; and Damage fields can limit the awards selected to winners, losers, or awards within a specific dollar range. Although adding more fields to a Broker-Dealer Search costs money, limiting the output from a search will save review time. You also save money by reducing the number of awards that appear on the final Report that SAC produces.

People Searches

Our Database includes past award information on arbitrators, brokers, firms, parties, experts, and party advocates. When you request one of SAC's People Searches, you get comprehensive data pulled together in an easy-to-read Report. It's a sneak peek at the key players in your dispute, for that winning edge.

SAC's People Searches selection:
Arbitrator Searches | Arbitrator/Professional Searches | Broker Searches
Expert Searches | Broker-Dealer (Firm) Searches | Global Searches
Party Searches | Professional (Attorney, Party Advocate) Searches

See "Broker Search Proves Point," in our section How Our Products Help Win Cases, for practical uses of SAC products and services.

Arbitrator Searches
(go to our Arbitrator Searches pages for specific search options) A Search of the Arbitrator field consolidates as many as several hundred pages of an arbitrator's previous awards into a concise Summary Report. SAC's most in-demand Search request.

Arbitrator/Professional Searches
A Search of both the Arbitrator and the Professional fields isolates awards where the named person is an arbitrator or advocate which can identify potential conflicts. Arbitrator Summary and Professional Search Reports are provided for records located in this Search.

Broker Searches
To check the history of a broker in securities/commodities arbitration, SAC searches the Party fields, Comments field (for a broker not formally named as a party), and a limited database on disciplinary history. Particularly valuable in your hearing preparation.

Expert Searches
Want to check out your expert or locate one who has testified in a similar case? The names and testimony of expert witnesses are not required to be included in the award text, but you might want to try SAC's Expert Search. SAC inserts expert names in our Database when we learn of their participation. We also maintain an Expert Reference File that lists more than 200 experts with their résumés and sample presentations.

Broker-Dealer (Firm) Searches
(go to our Broker-Dealer Searches pages for specific search options) This Search provides great historical perspective; it illuminates patterns and trends involving a particular broker-dealer. Excellent, too, as a management tool for litigation heads, general counsel, and compliance professionals.

Global Searches
This Search leaves no stone unturned among SAC's files. In addition to searching all possible Name fields, SAC reviews disciplinary actions, expert résumés, and other in-house files to locate any relevant information on the requested name. An "expanded" Search Report our most comprehensive model with five awards free includes all located award records.

Party Searches
A Search of the Party field is often used to determine if an investor has any previous involvement in securities disputes.

Professional Searches
Examine your adversaries' experience and track records. A Search of the Professional field yields awards in which the named person served as a party representative or expert witness. Results are produced in a Professional Search Report. (SAC's PSRs are the basis of the Advocate Record, a compendium of party representation and attorney arbitration histories.)

See How Our Products Help Win Cases for practical uses of SAC products and services.

People Searches - Costs

Substantive Searches

Find past awards that reflect the issues in your case, and support your position. Show instances where your requested relief has been previously dispensed. Reveal the patterns, and make the case with your arbitrators...with SAC Substantive Searches.

Our unique Database format allows us to rapidly search for common characteristics that relate to your current disputes. No matter the search criteria, broad stroke or exacting, SAC can turn up that needle in the haystack.

Looking for special trend analysis to blow your case wide open? SAC will conduct nearly any type of tailored substantive search including a variety of statistical searches for risk management analysis and/or settlement showing your adversary or your own clients the odds, or to provide your arbitrators with a comfort level in awarding the ruling requested.

Use combinations of SAC's powerful research tools including our ARBchek Arbitration Award Database and Court Decision Database to zero in on the information you need to make your case from punitive damages to defamation cases and anything in between. Custom searches are conducted by our expert staff and supervised by SAC's Database Specialists.

For a complete look at the most common topics including raiding, sanctions, and clearing broker-dealers that utilize SAC's Databases and other information resources, see our SAC Packages area.

See How Our Products Help Win Cases for practical uses of SAC products and services.

Substantive Searches - Costs

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