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Terms Of Use Agreement (“Agreement”). Please read this Agreement before proceeding, as any use of this Site, whether to access information that is free or acquired by fee, subjects the user to the terms and conditions of the Agreement

SAC RESEARCH CENTER: This Site is dedicated to the concept of concentrating in one location easy-to-access and valuable legal resources for use by practitioners and parties engaged in securities arbitration proceedings or broker-dealer litigation. Many of these resources will relate to SAC products and services – some of which are free. To enhance the overall value of the Research Center we will be adding material from other sources. What follows is a brief explanation of the current components of the Research Center:

The Securities Arbitration Commentator has published continuously as a print newsletter, tracking events and developments in securities arbitration, for more than 20 years. More than 200 newsletters from the library of information that underlies this search site. SAC subscribers are invited to search this virtual diary of modern securities arbitration and to locate the SAC newsletters that contain relevant articles, case law and arbitration statistics. Non-subscribers may conduct free searches and obtain limited search results. To receive newsletter copies, non-subscribers will be charged a fee.

The Securities Litigation Commentator has been following broker-dealer disputes in the courts since 2000. Each week we send e-mail alerts (SLAs) containing insightful summaries of a dozen or so recently issued court decisions written by practicing securities attorneys. We have gathered these SLA’s into a PDF library that covers 4000+ cases, and applied a search engine, enabling targeted legal research and fast access to case information.

Statistics about securities arbitration tell us, in general terms, what to expect from our arbitration panels and provide a more informed perspective about everything from fees to the form of damages panels will award. For 20 years, SAC has gathered statistics from the publicly available Awards and compiled them into reports and survey. Today, there are 50+ Award Surveys, analyzing every significant aspect of the securities arbitration process. These unique studies have now been posted for public viewing in this section of the Research Center.

ARBITRATOR RESEARCH BASE (ARB): Selecting the arbitrators who will judge your case may be the most significant way in which you can influence the outcome. That is why this ARB “Base” is the most complex and information-rich component of The SAC Research Center. Free aids and fee searches are available here:
Docket Number Search:
Find the Awards you seek by inserting individual docket numbers and obtaining a free PDF image of the true Award.

ARBchek Lite: This product offers a free, albeit more condensed version of our trademark search product, ARBchek.

ARBchek: Reports that distill the information contained in the Awards your Arbitrator candidates have decided save research time and enable more informed selections. This is SAC’s premier search product and, for those serious about arbitrator due diligence, a significant time- and money-saver!

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